Frequently Asked Questions

There are over five hundred cameras connected to surveillance systems property wide. There are no “dummy” cameras, all are live and record 24/7.
Regulations require that the video room is adequately staffed at all times.
All Surveillance footage must be held for at least seven days. Some areas and circumstances require the footage to be held longer.

Surveillance Team

The Surveillance team is made up of personnel with a wide variety of individual skills and areas of expertise. Candidates are selected and hired based not only on casino surveillance experience but also from backgrounds with transferable skills such as other casino departments, law enforcement, military, security services, information technologies, food & beverage, audit/accounting, etc.

Sruveillance Focus Graphic


The Surveillance Department’s primary focus is on gaming operations at the casino but also lends equipment and operational support at the Chinook Winds Golf Resort and Resort Hotel. The department monitors non-private work areas to meet regulatory requirements, and to ensure quality control, to identify safety concerns, detect theft, misconduct, and discourage or prevent acts of harassment and workplace violence, and improve customer satisfaction.

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CTSI, STGC and CWCR are very sensitive to patron and employee privacy. Efforts are made to ensure that Surveillance monitoring is done in an ethical and respectful manner. Surveillance personnel are held to several confidentiality policies. Surveillance is not responsible for enforcement in any area other than its own.

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In the organizational structure, our Surveillance personnel are defined as Detached Duty Employees, meaning they are employed by CWCR but are directly accountable to STGC. The department co-operates with, yet performs independently of all other casino departments of operations regarding matters of policy, purpose, and responsibilities.